Consultation & Planning

Consultation & Planning

Our expertise for your success

Every project begins with an intensive design phase. We work closely with you to develop a plant concept based on the specifications. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions and devise the optimal control system. We always comply with component approvals and consider customer-specific guidelines. That’s how we guarantee the highest quality and smooth handling of your project.


The hardware is engineered with the engineering software ePLAN. Whether it is circuit diagrams, layout plans for control cabinets, current balances and climate calculations or the right choice of materials with all the required calculations, we guarantee strict compliance with specifications and standards.


One of our greatest assets is the development of software for our “programmable logic controllers and PC systems”. We focus on clear program structures, user-friendliness and customer-specific optimizations. Depending on the requirements, customer standards are strictly applied or based on Morath standards. The flexible handling of each project is the motivation for our software specialists.