Donation for Ski Class “Lachende Kinder”

Spende Skikurs
Picture (from left): Thomas Hillenbrand, Works Council Chairwoman Monika Sturm and Stefanie Prinz Text/photo: Helmut Pilzweger
The ski club Leiblfing was handed a check from the company MOLL Automatisierung, which had waived Christmas presents and instead donated the money. Stefanie Prinz and Thomas Hillenbrand from the ski club were handed a donation of 1,000 euros. The money will be used exclusively for the program “Lachende Kinder”, a ski class with and for disabled children in cooperation with the schools Papst Benedikt and Sankt Wolfgang in Straubing. The class shows the willingness to break new ground and bring joy and fun in skiing to everyone. The many young ski instructors and volunteers look after the children at the classes in Langfurth and at the Geißkopf. The positive motto of the ski club is “We are all equal, equally strong and weak – only in different ways.”

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