10, 25, and 30 years with MOLL Automatisierung GmbH – 19 colleagues are celebrating their anniversaries

The management is proud of its long-term and dedicated employees

Moll Jubilare
Picture from the left: Thomas Wittmann (managing director), Herbert Wurm (25th anniversary), Stefan Großkopf (works council chairman), Erwin Birkl (30th anniversary), Alois Bachner (production manager/authorised signatory), Hubert Klostermeier (30th anniversary), Stefan Bauer (managing director)

In today’s highly dynamic and often very fast-moving world, it is a great challenge to permanently bind loyal and dedicated employees to the company. In this context, it is particularly important to us to offer ideal working conditions, to value our employees, and to create a working environment where people are comfortable and where every single person can use their personal strengths and unfold their potentials, says Stefan Bauer.

The great share of long-term employees and low fluctuation rate shows us that we are on the right track, as Thomas Wittmann confirms.

The entire staff at MOLL congratulates the jubilarians, giving heart-felt thanks to those who have gone through many years in good and difficult times alike with the company for their great commitment and outstanding work.

The management would particularly like to thank Herbert Wurm (assembly), Hubert Klostermeier (building services), and Erwin Birkl (production), all of which are celebrating their 25th or 30th anniversaries with the company respectively. (see picture)

Congratulations – we look forward to many new and exciting projects together with you!

Jubilarians of MOLL Automatisierung:


Thomas Wittmann
Doris Buchwald-Pache
Andreas Nubert
Bernhard Lohr
Andreas Janotta
Georg Heilmeier
Tobias Mendi
Marco Kuball
Frank Pfaller
Andreas Lang
Christian Fleischmann
Michael Brunner
Oksana Beratz
Daniel Fritsche
Hasan Bayar
Ludwig Sagmeister


Herbert Wurm


Hubert Klostermeier Erwin Birkl

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