Intralogistic Subsystems

Order Release Module (ORM)

The Order Release Module (ORM) is a fully automated order picking system for different types of packages such as boxes, bins, trays, etc. They are buffered and sorted in the module with very high retrieval speeds. It has an extremely compact structure. Products are buffered on Friction-Drive™ roller conveyors in the ORM. Each of these Friction-Drive™ roller conveyors is equipped with a stopper/release system (dispenser) that discharges the products at high speed, in any sequence and quantity, and transported to one or more palletizing units or roll container filling stations.

The ORM differs from other “full case” order picking systems as a result of the following specific characteristics.

  • High capacity (5,000-8,000 packages/hour, depending on the ORM configuration)
  • Compact structure (20-30% space saved compared to miniload or shuttle systems)
  • Low energy consumption (through patented drive concept with low number of drives, and other factors)
  • Dynamic assignment of buffer lanes. All buffer channels are identical and suitable for all types of product, regardless of their package shape and weight
  • Very low maintenance costs (yearly maintenance costs < 1% of investment total)
  • Retrieval and replenishment process run simultaneously and independently of one another

ORM storage methods:

We offer different solutions depending on the replenishment strategy:

  • DLS Trolley: Infeed of single SKU-batches.
    Used for single SKU buffer lanes
  • Crossbelt-sorter or 90-degree diverts, for random infeed of cases (multiple SKU/lane).
    Used for mixed SKU buffer lanes (dispatch buffers / buffering customer orders in lanes)


The dynamic sequencer is the solution for the sequence of products needs to be changed quickly and without requiring too much space. Made up of individual elements that are used in the Order Release modules in large quantities, DLS provides extremely compact and fast sequencer units. These can be used to sort groups of products in any sequence at high speed (800-1,200 c/h/level).

In addition to the high speed, the DLS sequencer has an array of special characteristics:

  • Compact design: The number of buffer lanes is set up as needed. The configuration can consist out of a single sided group of buffer lanes, or double sided group of buffer lanes. In order to achieve the optimum utilization of space, multiple sequencers can be built on top of each other
  • Suitable for a large variety of products: by using the DLS patented Friction Drive™ technology (identical to the buffer lanes in the ORM), functionality is guaranteed for a large variety of products
  • Fast and reliable: DLS sequencers are made up of individual elements whose reliability and performance have been proven in large numbers of pieces in ORM systems
  • Easy to integrate with other material handling equipment, like miniload, shuttles, etc.

Accumulating roller conveyors (Friction-Drive™)

Based on the Friction-Drive ™ roller conveyors patented by DLS, which are used in the ORM, DLS has accumulating roller conveyors with very low dynamic pressure. The conveyors are excellently suited for horizontal transport and accumulation of lightweight items (empty boxes, containers, etc.). The Friction-Drive ™ technology patented by DLS is the basis for these cost-effective accumulating roller conveyors. They can be used as a transport conveyor, order picking conveyor, sorter outlet, buffer conveyor and more.


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Light article (bins/cartons) conveyor elements

To compliment our conveyor solutions for light articles, DLS offers a wide range of conveyor elements, like:

  • pneumatic pushers

  • 90-degree diverts

  • horizontal switches / mergers

  • plastic modular belt conveyors


Our sales department will inform you in detail about the perfect solution for your needs.