Kaufland accelerates fruit and vegetables

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BSS Bohnenberg GmbH, a German sister company of DLS designs a new high-capacity orderpicking system.

In 2013 BSS Bohnenberg GmbH from Solingen (Germany) designed a high-capacity orderpicking system on request of the customer Kaufland which brought the segment of full case orderpicking in fresh environment on a complete new efficiency level: FLOWPICKER®. The first pilot system was built in Osterfeld (Germany) in one of the central warehouses of Kaufland.
Recently the new FLOWPICKER®, a next level development of the first pilot system in Osterfeld, was taken into operation in Möckmühl (Germany).
Core of the installation is a flow lane storage (Order Release Module) of Dynamic Logistic Systems BV.

Read more (German): „Kaufland beschleunigt Obst und Gemüse“ (Lebensmittel Zeitung 40 from 05.10.2018)

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