Resource-saving technologies


At BSS, we believe that sustainability means multiple aspects largely based on the Global Compact’s sustainability model. Our goal is to balance economical, social, and environmental factors – in every project, through confident collaboration with our colleagues and cooperative partnership with our customers. Developing progressive technologies for intralogistics is our core business, but we’re also responsible for how these technologies impact the environment and people. You can read about how we do this in our sustainability model under Downloads!


Conserve resources, save energy, minimize environmental impact – these are the requirements that more and more companies are demanding throughout the entire value chain. Not only in production, but in intralogistics as well. This is where BSS can make a meaningful contribution to the fulfillment of your company’s sustainability goals with energy-efficient conveyor equipment and systems. We’ve been bringing climate protection into harmony with cost cuts through intelligent intralogistics for over 15 years now. With our custom solutions, we provide you with active support in uncovering potential energy savings and then utilizing them! Talk to us – and learn about our Green Logistics approach in the Downloads section!