WDT – Pick-by-light order picking of veterinary medicine

Client: WDT Wirtschaftsgenossenschaft deutscher Tierärzte eG
City: Garbsen
Country: Germany
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Automated mini-load warehouse, Bin conveyor technology

Turnkey delivery of the new high-capacity order picking facility with two-aisle, double-depth automated small parts storage for approx. 8,450 container locations by BSS as general contractor. 420 static and 168 dynamic order picking channels with pick-by-light displays and automatic restocking from the stacker cranes have been installed next to the automated small parts storage. Super-fast moving items are picked directly from the pallet in the last of the 8 order picking zones. 2 Kardex shuttles deliver a total of 120 trays with D items.

The items are picked and placed directly into the customer cartons (pick and pack) and transported to the 6 packing stations via the handling equipment. The system includes 2 scales to check for completeness and one automatic strapping machine. 3 radio data terminals are used in the special order picking zone for chilled items, anaesthetics, hazardous items and large items. The facility has an overall capacity of approx. 5,000 order positions in 8 hours. The BSS WMS communicates with the host system ProAlpha.

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